Saturday, February 04, 2012

Work System of Android.Counterclank

Android Smartphone
Android Smartphone
Android.Counterclank considered as the advertiser who has invaded the privacy of the users of Android phones. A number of data was uploaded without the owner's knowledge, what are they?

Although not categorized as malware, but the presence of a slip Android.Counterclank 13 Android applications should be wary. Therefore, this application can move without permission of the owner of the phone.

As reported by Symantec, Saturday (04/02/2012), embedded applications Android.Counterclank will automatically transmit user data, such as IMEI number, brand, screen size mobile phone, and your operating system to a server that has been determined that .

In addition Android.Counterclank will make some changes to the phones, such as changing the home page on the browser, adding bookmarks that ultimately refer to the site

For information, a third party site that will provide compensation dollars for applications that drive the search through their website.

Until now, applications that contain Android.Counterclank still circulating freely in the Android Market. According to Symantec, Google refused to remove this application because they do not violate their rules.

Work System of Android.Counterclank

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