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Tips How to Transfer or Move the Video to Mobile Phone

Nowadays, videos is easy to get, either from the result of browsing the web or directly downloaded from video providers like YouTube. And not be as familiar as the downloaded video we move into the mobile phone or cell phone in order to facilitate us in playing or just want to save it. But it is not impossible that we download the video file can not be played on mobile phones, because the ability of mobile phones is much lower compared with the computer in terms of player that is provided. Therefore, before we move or transfer video to mobile phones is useful to do some adjustments, so the video can be played on mobile phones. In this article, I will give some Tips How to Transfer or Move the Video to Mobile Phone.

To be enjoyed via mobile phone, you must convert the video, according to the spec videos that can be played on your mobile phone. Resolution, as well as video formats such as 3GP, MP4, or the other.

Video 3GP produce a more opaque picture and sound bad but a smaller size so that more memory efficient. MP4 Video produces images that are clearer and louder sound but the video format MP4 memory tends to be more wasteful than 3GP.

In any video converter software, you will find some of the following basic settings:

Common Resolution mobile video is 176 × 144, 3GP or MP4 format. If the small screen then just 128 × 96. mobile phone screen is larger then a good resolution is 320 × 240. Well, if we set the resolution exceeds the maximum resolution that can be supported by mobile phone then it will fail to play the video or just sound it out.

Bit Rate
This is what determines the quality of the video phone, the smaller the value the more the quality is bad. Generally, the video bit rate in the HP range 56-80kbps for a resolution of 128 × 96, 80-160kbps to 176 × 144, and 160-512kbps for a resolution of 320 × 240.

Just set the bit rate value in accordance with the above. The value is too high bit rate besides consuming a lot of memory, can also occur when the possibility of playing video jams.

Frame Rate
Frame Rate for video mobile phones ranges from 7-25 fps. The greater the frame rate, the more subtle movements of objects in the video. It is recommended to use 20 fps just remember some phone models only support a maximum of 20fps. If you are unsure, set auto is the best way.

Audio Settings
For 3GP, AMR typically uses audio bitrate with some setting. 12.2 kbps is the highest quality setting so that the voice on the video was clear.

For use the MP4 AAC audio. AAC is much better quality than AMR. Settings bitrate of 56 kbps and 44100 Hz sample rate can produce a loud sound and good.

Maybe that's just the basic information you need to know about transferring or moving video to mobile phones. Try to experiment with various settings and compare the quality. From there you can decide what is appropriate video quality and can be played properly on your mobile phone.

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