Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tricks For Optimizing iOS 5

IOS 5 is promising a number of compelling new features, so even the operating system also has 5 hidden features a pity if it is passed.

As reported by cnet, Thursday (10/13/2011), here are 5 functions that may not yet known users IOS 5.

1. Adjust Vibration
Probably not many people know if the IOS 5 users can change the vibration system. The trick? To enable this feature can be through Settings> General> Accessibility. Then at the very bottom there is an option to customize the look of vibration.

Well if it is finished, now just make the effect of vibration as the user desires that can be accessed via the Settings> Sounds. Then continue to scroll down until you see the menu and the Create Custom Patterns Vibration Vibration.

2. A Brief Word
This feature may be useful if users often use the same word when you're typing. How to activate it in the menu Settings> General> Keyboard. Then just add a brief word as desired.

3. Notifications On LED
Want to make notfikasi for messages or missed calls? The way is easy. Stay refer to the menu Settings> General> Accessibility and turn on the LED flash for Alerts.

4. Restrict Access System
In the IOS 5 users can turn off some features that are deemed unnecessary, such as location-based services. This feature can be accessed in the Settings> Locations Services.

5. Applications Checking the 'Greedy'
Confused what applications are consuming the most storage? Such information can be found on the menu Settings> General> Usage.

In addition, other tricks that can be accessed on the IOS 5 is the camera button. Perhaps some users are still confused how to bring up this feature, but really just need to double-click the Home button.

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