Saturday, September 24, 2011

VMware vFabric Data Ready to Handle Heterogeneous Database

Service providers and cloud infrastructure virtualization, VMware launched its solution to deliver the provision and operation of the database as a service (database as a service) for enterprise-class companies.

The solution called VMware vFabric Data Director, which was launched in VMworld 2011 this is a form of cloud application platform strategy VMware.

Data Director vFabric function is to control and manage a series of heterogeneous databases automatically, based on the policies already set by the IT division.

One of the benefits of this solution is streamlining the application development process because the developers can provide their own database services through self-service provisioning functions they need to create modern applications.

Director Data Solutions vFabric was made on the VMware vSphere and claimed to be able to bring the benefits of virtualized infrastructure to the database layer.

Benefit is to optimize utilization of resources so that more efficient operations as well as cut costs.

"Enterprise-class companies are increasingly facing serious challenges in managing data growth needed to create modern applications, while supporting critical application development initiatives," said Tod Nielsen, Co-President, Application Platform VMware in his statement on Saturday (24/09/2011) .

"VMware push the pace of cloud application platform strategies by providing access services and innovative data management that is able to serve the needs of today's applications, while laying the foundation for next-generation cloud applications," he said.

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