Friday, September 30, 2011

RIM : BlackBerry Playbook Production won't be Stopped

Prediction which says that the production of tablet computers Blackberry Playbook will be stopped, denied by Research In Motion (RIM). Through a spokeswoman, Marissa Conway, RIM confirms if the prediction is just nonsense.

An analyst from Collin Stweart, John Vihn was the one who originally issued the prediction. The prediction comes after a report that says that sales of RIM's Playbook is very weak.

Furthermore Vihn also predicted that RIM would come out of the tablet market with the conditions of sale which does not match expectations. To confirm predictions, Vihn refers to news reports that RIM's partner factories, Quanta Computer, has fired several employees that focuses on the production of Playbook.

But it soon gets cantankerous. "Rumors are that the BlackBerry Playbook menyugestikan not proceed simply a pure fiction," said Marisa Conway. "RIM continues to commit in the tablet market and QNX platforms in the area," he added.

QNX is an operating system that runs in the Playbook. Quoted by Reuters on Friday (30/09/2011), was created to become the primary OS on RIM's line of smartphones output.

Playbook sales conditions are not too exciting, so make the RIM decided to lower their prices. Moreover, coupled with the presence of the tablet from Amazon, Kindle Fire, RIM seems to have to rack my brain to boost sales.

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