Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Windows 8 Supports For USB 3.0

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 will fully support devices that use USB 3.0. However, this still remains the software giant will continue their support for the USB specification before.

Dennis Flanagan, director for program management at Microsoft's Networking and Devices division to explain this through Microsoft's official blog. He mentioned, the USB 3.0 standard will be 10 times faster than its predecessor, USB 2.0. Its competitors, Apple has chosen to pick a faster standard Thunderbolt.

"The decision to invest for USB 3.0 is very easy to do, but to do so without sacrificing the existing USB ecosystem is a major challenge to be faced," Flanagan writes, as reported by Mashable, Tuesday (23/08/2011).

"Our design has been correctly followed the standard specification of USB 3.0 to enable support for USB 3.0 hardware. There are billions of USB devices that must be pursued Windows to be compatible," he added.

To make the USB 3.0 can work with the latest generation of Windows, Flanagan said his company began working with hardware makers to design the latest USB software carefully, while maintaining the interfaces and behaviors that already exist and ensure that every device and driver can work.

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