Friday, August 12, 2011

Recharging Cell Phone Batteries from the LCD Screen

Light used to illuminate the LCD screen turns on the gadget can be used to recharge the battery. It attempts to achieve a study.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) are developing ways to take the wasted energy from the an LCD screen that can be used in devices such as mobile phones and others.

Technology developed at the UCLA Henry Samueli researcher School of Engineering and Applied Science is an organic photovoltaic polarizer. The concept, which used the LCD screen can be equipped with photovoltaic polarizer. Thus, any light that hit the screen it can be converted for energy.

Not coincidentally, the LCD screen, such as on a smartphone, will usually be illuminated by lights from behind (backlight). Well, about 75 percent of energy from this lamp will be wasted. Yet to turn on the lights it takes 80-90 percent of battery energy.

Each LCD has two layers of polarizers, in front of and behind the scenes. What did the researchers at UCLA is basically to make a polarizer that also serves as a modifier of light into electricity (photovoltaic cells).

Aside from the backlight lamp, the screen is equipped with photovoltaic polarizer can absorb energy from the sun or even the lamp lighting the room through the front of the screen.

"Looking ahead, we want to increase the efficiency from the organic photovoltaic these polarizers, and eventually we hope to cooperate with electronics makers to implement it in real products," said Professor Yang Yang, the principal investigator of this study.

This research was supported by Intel Labs Academic Research Office. "This approach is very attractive, and could be synergy with other projects that we fund through Intel Labs," said Youssry Bouros, program director at Intel Research Labs Academic Office.

The paper about the research will be published in the journal Advanced Materials. The paper was prepared by UCLA researchers Rhui Zhu and Ankit Kumar.

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