Monday, August 08, 2011

Bakerbot, Robot that Can Make Cakes

Bakerbot, thus the name for the robot, is the development of household robots PR2 robots are made ​​by a company Willow Garage. Previously, PR2 which has two arms of skill performance has been working on a variety of chores, ranging from folding laundry to prepare beverages.

New capabilities that make the Bakerbot PR2, a breakthrough that triggered the Distributed Robotics Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). An MIT student named Mario Bollini, add special programming code that allows the robot to make decisions for themselves and accomplish a particular task.

Quoted from MSNBC on Monday (08/08/2011), Bakerbot has a better ability than the same types of robots before. He also represents a hybrid approach to achieve the goal of developing this robot. For example, Bakerbot can determine there are four bowl of ingredients to make cakes on the table and sets it apart from the mixer and pan cakes.

"Bakerbot can calculate, for example, how to take the bowl of cake ingredients and pour into the mixer, stir it, put it on a baking sheet and then burn it in the oven," explained Bollini.

The result is a baked cake. Recognized Bollini, cakes made Bakerbot not the prettiest cake in the world, but at least the robot is able to produce an appropriate cookie recipe bake and good to eat. Well, are interested in asking for help Bakerbot?

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