Saturday, August 06, 2011

Asrock Released PCIe 3.0 on Motherboard

ASRock finally released a motherboard that has been equipped with a third-generation PCI Express slot. With greater bandwidth, is expected to increase PC performance.

ASRock has become one of the motherboard manufacturers who issued the latest variant is fast enough. Planting PCIe 3.0 slots were claimed to be the first in the world.

"ASRock has always been a leader in each cycle of evolution. We were the first to produce the most advanced motherboard PCIe Gen3," claims James Lee, Vice President Sales & Marketing ASRock.

True PCIe 3.0 slots have been introduced since 2010 ago, but because there are some specifications that should be changed, then the new vendors could release it from mid-2011.

Generation graphics card slot offers several advantages over the previous version, such as greater bandwidth (PCIe 2.0 5GT / s PCIe 3.0 8GT / s). But the slot is also still compatible with previous generations of graphics cards.

"Extreme7 Gen3 Z68 motherboard from ASRock to support the revolutionary Intel processors and Nvidia Ivy Bridge 3-Way SLI technology," said Lee, in his statement on Saturday (6/68/2011).

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