Sunday, July 03, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II Sold Every 1.5 Seconds

Galaxy S II
Galaxy S II scored sweet story for Samsung. 2.3 Gingerbread Android-based smartphone is becoming  the fastest selling mobile phones in the sales history of the South Korean manufacturer.

In just 55 days since its inaugural sale, Samsung claims the Galaxy II has sold exceeded 3 million units. It's 30 days faster than the Galaxy's first version to achieve the same sales.

According to Samsung, the number is equal to one phone Galaxy II sold every 1.5 seconds since its launch in April. Quoted from PCMag, Monday (07/04/2011), higher sales mainly donated in the European region.

In England, the Galaxy S II became the best selling mobile phones. Likewise in other countries such as Austria and Switzerland where the mobile phone market share has exceeded 30%.

Potentially increasing sales surged as Galaxy II has not been sold in one of the key markets, namely the United States. Reportedly, this new phone will go into the land of Uncle Sam at the end of July.

Similarly, in various countries such as Indonesia, Galaxy S II will be marketed. It may be a target S Galaxy II is projected through the sale of 10 million units achieved in a short time.

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