Sunday, July 17, 2011

The quality of AMD graphics on Xbox 720 will be as good as Avatar Movie

AMD will strengthen its latest-generation Xbox with their technology, and claimed to be as beautiful  quality appearance made ​​by James Cameron film Avatar.

Until now it has been no technological Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) capable of displaying high quality graphics such as Avatars in real time, not even once did the fastest graphics card from either Nvidia or AMD.

However, Neal Robison as Director of ISV relationships than AMD claimed that they could make it through the latest generation of Xbox. The technology in it is able to render graphics like in the movie Avatar.

Excerpted from the Examiner on Monday (7/18/2011), AMD is also eager to make every game on the latest Xbox will look more alive. Architecture in it allows for the Non-playable Character (NPC) can act alone.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) are increasingly sophisticated, each character can act according to circumstances, without instructions from the player.

AMD claims that it can not be substantiated, moreover, there has been no official statement from Microsoft regarding the specifications of next-generation Xbox. And it is not impossible, Nvidia prepares a rival technology to the PlayStation.

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