Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lenovo Ready to Launch Three Newest Tablets

The Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo is launching three new tablets. Unmitigated, the release of three tablets at once to invade the global marketplace.

Prepared to face market competition is increasingly competitive tablet, Lenovo tablet comes in a variety of options. These tablets are there that use the operating system (OS) Windows 7 or Android with a price tag of more or less similar to the iPad.

Thus, Lenovo joined with other companies such as Samsung Electronics and the BlackBerry maker, Research In Motion, in offering tablets to differentiate their product lines and seek new sources of profit.

Excerpted from the Wall Street Journal on Thursday (21/07/2011), in March last Lenovo began selling the Android-based tablet in China. Lenovo intends to sell more mobile devices, including smartphones.

Third Lenovo tablet has a 10.1-inch touch screen size. However, each tablet intended for different segments. Tablets IdeaPad K1 targeting consumer segments, the ThinkPad Tablets intended for businesses, while the IdeaPad P1 intended for home users and offices. IdeaPad P1 using Windows 7 and two other tablets Android-based Honeycomb.

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