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Asus G74S For High Class Gamer Laptop Review

Asus G74S, is the latest variant of the family of the Republic of Gamers that is intended for the gaming enthusiast. So no wonder, if this product is reinforced with top-class specifications.

Despite carrying the advanced spec, but the product in this class do not usually give priority to the display. Call it the appearance of large, heavy, with colors that seem stiff.

Shown Large and Sturdy
Talk about the display, Asus G74S does have a large enough size. 17.3-inch screen size 1920 X 1080p resolution, weighing nearly 4kg including battery 8 cell 5200mAh Li-Ion battery that drives his life.

All parts of the body color of the product is wrapped with black, with the Asus logo on the top that looks so shiny. The combination of the right, to give the impression of elegance.

In addition, this notebook also has a hinge made ​​from aluminum of other metal materials combined edge section to give a solid impression. That is what led to this notebook feels heavy, but strong enough to accompany gamers.

Asus Notebook G74S is not only optimal for gaming. This product is equipped with a Blu-ray drive, HDMI port, and a brilliant screen that adds pleasure when watching High Definition (HD).

High Class Specifications
Asus G74S has the innards that spelled out pretty awesome. Intel Core i7 processor 2630QM 4 cores 8 threads running at a speed of 2GHz, while the chipset is reinforced by the Mobile Intel Express HM65. Strong enough to play all the latest games.

Gamers also need not worry about going out of memory. Because, Asus G74S has 16GB of DDR3 1333 MHz RAM that is optimized with wondows 7 64bit. As for the graphics card of this product have a Nvidia GeForce 500 series with a capacity of 3GB DDR5 GPU GF116. So how about performance?

Tests performed using application 3DMark vantage detikINET product is able to carve the figure of 41,283 for 7893 for the CPU and GPU, overalls reach 9893 in Performance mode.

To play some gamers like Bulletstrom or Spiderman Shattered Dimensions of this product is still very easy to handle, but when trying to play COD: Black Ops at a resolution of 1920 X 1080 3D mode this notebook looks a bit overwhelmed.

But the regrettable is the sound quality dimiliknya. There was a 'sober' enough without the bass boom, or a high tone of detail, all standard. Though innards diusungnya already very sophisticated.

More and Real with 3D Display
In addition to a robust physique, upper-class specifications, there are other things that are very interesting from Asus G74S, which is capable of displaying images in three dimensions. This is one feature of the Nvidia 3D Vision.

To enjoy these features, users are required to wear special glasses and also some applications that support. Until now there were hundreds of game titles, movies, and even 3D images that support the Vision.

The result? Simply amazing. Images as if he wanted out of the monitor, just like the 3D technology used in theaters. Just because it uses active glasses, it will show symptoms of flicker when dirungan filled lamp.

Judging from the spec, features, and the price of $ 2309 or about USD 19.7 million so obviously if this product is targeting the deep-pocketed gamers. Interested in having them?

+ Spesifkasi upscale
+ 3D Support
Picture + brilliant
Body + solid

- Weight
- Sound is not good

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