Saturday, July 02, 2011

3D Visual Technology at Intel Sandy Bridge

The second generation of Intel Core processors or who is often dubbed  as Sandy Bridge brings a number of  excellent features. Among the sectors of the visual display that is claimed to be better, including the content display  three  dimensions.

Second-generation Intel Core integrate visual technologies that are planted directly into the processor. Among other features such as Quick Sync Video, HD Graphics, until InTru 3D.

"This makes video editing QuickSync run faster," said David Tjahjadi, Channel Platform Manager Intel Indonesia in limited media gathering on Friday (07/01/2011) afternoon.

While Intel HD Graphics are now planted directly in the processor. This integration means low latency and provide the gaming experience as well as 3-D viewing experience better.

Then Intel Wireless Display feature lets users enjoy all the personal and online content on a larger screen, for example television. This is done through a simple wireless connection.

There are also 3D InTru to watch visually smoother than the PC. Users can watch your favorite 3D movies with Blu ray 3D Stereo 3D glasses on. This technology is also able to present it in a resolution of 1080p high definition television via HDMI 1.4.

Other features include Intel Clear Video HD which enables multimedia experience with better image thanks to the optimization of high-resolution video playback. Meanwhile, Intel Advanced Vector Extensions provide extra computing power to application developers.

"Features such features found in Intel Core i3, i5 and i7," said David.

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