Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nokia N9 Smartphone Review

Based on data from Nokia Conversations, Tuesday (21/06/2011), here are some data on the Nokia N9.

Swipe :
Nokia N9 development team has brought a new element in the field of mobile phone design, software development, as well as UI development. N9 would now have a very simple gesture. Users simply sliding the screen with your finger when you want to switch applications.

Unibody design :
Nokia N9 has a unibody designs like N8. With a size of 3.9-inch AMOLED screen, icon on display on the screen looks quite clear and bright. Body Nokia N9 carved from polycarbonate material. This phone also comes in three colors: black, cyan, and magenta with a storage capacity of 16GB and 64GB. This phone is also armed with 8-megapixel camera made by Carl Zeiss.

There's no button:
This phone is also not equipped with physical buttons around the screen. Users will fully use the touch of a finger gestures, like sliding and double tap.

Three Homescreen :
Homescreen Nokia N9 there are three: the application menu, feeds and social networking notifications including calendars, schedules, sms and so on, and view running applications to facilitate the transfer application.

Faster Browser :
Browsing on the Nokia N9 claimed to be faster than previous Nokia phones. With WebKit technology 2, the web pages feel more responsive. Besides browsing capabilities also been supported N9 HTML5 technology.

Be Digital Wallet :
In addition to functioning as a smart phone, Nokia N9 has also been equipped with digital dompat technology called Near Field Communication (NFC). With this the user will simply get closer to the machine N9 NFC to make payments.

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