Monday, May 09, 2011

Scientists Showcase Paper Shaped Mobile Phone

A prototype smart phone made ​​of electronic paper has been created by scientists. Predicted, smartphones that circulated in the future will be like this shape.

Phone called PaperPhone is claimed to perform the same function with the phone in general. From make calls, send messages, play music to display e-book.

This device is made by scientists at the Human Media Lab, Queen's University, Canada and Arizona State University's Motivational Environments Research. Phone functions can be run with bent corners or touch screen.

"All the (mobile phone) will look like this in five years," claims its creator, Dr. Roel Vertegaal is quoted by the BBC on Monday (05/09/2011).

1 millimeter-thick prototype uses e-ink technology, similar to those used gadgets Amazon Kindle book reader. 3.75 inch sized screen itself.

Not just for mobile phones, a bigger version is expected to replace the function of paper to store data in the office.

"paperless office will be realized. Everything can be stored digitally and you can put the computer such as a stack of paper," Vertegaal claims.

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