Monday, May 16, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, World's Thinnest Android Tablets Product Review

When held, was impressed with how thin the body of this tablet computer. Yes, this is apparently one of the advantages offered tried Galaxy Tab 10.1, the body claimed to be the thinnest in the world.

With only 8.6 mm thick, it seems there is no other tablet that defeat phones to be thin. iPad 2, which previously has also lost because the predicate thinnest 0.2 mm thicker than the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

When carry any weight fairly mild. Samsung calls weighs just 595 grams. This he says is lighter weight than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch screen version.

The body itself is made of plastic, but seem elegant and not cheap. The tablet feels solid and comfortable hold, though certainly not seportabel the 7 inch version.

There are not many buttons on the body of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Indeed Honeycomb Android software did not use the navigation buttons on the body more gadgets. Just found a standard headphone jack, charging port and a slot for the SIM Card.

Probably needs to be informed that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not got the ability to make a phone like his brother. According to Samsung, Google does not allow Android Honeycomb with that ability.

Android Honeycomb
As the name implies, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 capacitive technology screen has an area of ​​10.1-inch WXGA display with 1280x800 resolution reached. When viewed, the screen is quite clear and comfortable in the eye.

Honeycomb so Android operating system. In view, of course there is almost no difference with that used in tablet Honeycomb Honeycomb Android from other manufacturers. However, Samsung promised would add its flagship TouchWiz interface that does not exist on the demo unit.

Honeycomb Google deliberately designed specifically for tablet devices and optimized on a wider screen, unlike previous versions of Android which is actually intended for smartphones. Of course many advantages carried by the 'honeycomb' this.

Navigation on Honeycomb somewhat easier for users. Recent Apps For example feature allows you to display just a few applications that are accessible by the user.

Recent Apps If touched, it would appear that the last five applications open, complete with his last name and the thumbnail view. Recent Apps available at the bottom corner with Home and Back buttons.

Honeycomb also improve the appearance of the keyboard, the browser and copy and paste capabilities better. It's just possible shortcomings in the matter of the application that bergitu not yet widely available. Maybe because of age this OS is arguably still young.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 1GHz dual-core processors rely on Tegra 2 which should make the tablet more powerful performance. But when tried sliding homescreen, there is little impression of lag. Perhaps because the new demo unit, the performance was not maximized.

Other features include powerful 3-megapixel rear camera and front of the 2-megapixel camera. Fun, rear camera is equipped with a camera flash to increase performance if used in dark situations. The tablet is also capable of recording 720p HD video quality.

The storage capacity consists of two options, namely 16GB and 32GB. Overall, these tablets look stylish phones to be thin and can be an alternative to tablets Android Honeycomb qualified. What's more for fans of the Galaxy Tab 7 inch version will probably glance at it because it brings a myriad Galaxy 10.1 Tab feature improvements.

Key Specifications:
Network: HSPA + 21 Mbps, EDGE / GPRS
OS: Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
Display: 10.1 inch WXGA 1280x800
Processor: Dual Core 1GHz Tegra 2
Camera: 2MP (front) and 3MP (rear) with LED Flash
Video Format: MPEG4/H263/H264, Divx / Xvid
Business Solutions: Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, QuickOffice HD Editor
Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1, Wi Fi 802.11 (a / b / g / n)
Sensors: gyroscope, Accelerometer, Digital Compass, Ambient Light
Battery: 6800 mAh

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