Sunday, May 22, 2011

L.A Noire Game Previews

LA Noire game maker claimed that they made ​​the game would be easier played by women.

LA Noire, an open-world game that takes a third person perspective. This game promises an exciting adventure in the world of the era of the 40s in Los Angeles.

Although filled with scenes of the crossfire, but Team Bondi as the developer of this game, intentionally making LA Noire easily be played by gamers, especially women.

"So far these games have been very attractive to women. And I think she's smart enough to read if the person lied or not," said McNamara, quoted by CVG, Saturday (05/21/2011).

In LA Noire players will act as Cole Phelps, the LAPD officer whose task was to solve some crimes. This game also has some element of mystery that demands skill players to solve.

"We often see when a person sees another who is playing, many feel he is being played along with him. That is the purpose of this game, so gamers can play with his girlfriend or wife," added McNamara.

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