Sunday, May 22, 2011

CDMA iPhone in China Coming Soon

The presence of CDMA iPhone in China is likely to materialize. China Telecom, one of the operators in the country's bamboo curtain, confirmed was heavily approached Apple.

As a telecommunications company smallest among the three operators in China, China Telecom seems pretty confident. China Telecom Chairman Wang Xiaochou firmly declared his intention to bring CDMA iPhone for consumers in the country.

To the media, as reported by Reuters on Friday (05/20/2011), Wang also mentioned that China Telecom is considering Hong Kong as the first priority when issuing bonds abroad.

China Telecom itself is relatively new to enter the mobile market share in China. But this operator operates the largest fixed-line network in China. China Telecom is aggressively promoting this network. IPhone Delivers CDMA, apparently is one way China Telecom to more aggressively melmperluas market.

After 4 versions of CDMA iPhone in the United States launched January, blowing news that they are also soon be visited Asia. Various sources say, the iPhone will be carried off four CDMA telecom operators in China, Japan and South Korea.

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