Wednesday, May 04, 2011

64 Core Processors Can Be a Mobile Accelerator
A company designing processors that can help improve the performance of the smart phone or tablet. For smartphone, this processor can have 64 cores.

The processor was named Epiphany, designed by a company called Adapteva. The design allows the application of up to 64 cores on the phone.

Epiphany chip will not function replaces the 'brains' main phone today as its chip A5 Apple, Qualcomm's Snapdragon his or Nvidia Tegra 2.

As quoted from Computerworld on Thursday (05/05/2011), this chip to function as accelerators for specific functions.

Andreas Olofsson, CEO Adapteva, said the Epiphany has the ability of the flexible accelerator. Unlike other accelerator chip that is only specific to certain functions only.

He hopes the Epiphany could be used as a companion of the main processor technologies that exist today. Companies smart phone, tablet or supercomputer is expected to want to license this architecture.

In addition to mobile phones or tablet, Epiphany can also be applied to the device heavyweights such as servers. For servers, this chip can have up to 4,000 cores.

Epiphany is designed based on the specifications of reduced instruction set computing (RISC). Power consumption also claimed very low, 16-core 1GHz processor called the electricity need only 1 watt.

Olofsson asserted Epiphany alone can not be used as a 'brain' device, for example, to run the operating system based on Linux or Windows. This is because the chip does not have great memory management capabilities, such as in the x86 chips.

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