Friday, April 29, 2011

WAVI, First Wireless HDMI Kit in the World from Asus
Asus launches WAVI, a wireless HDMI kit is the world's first  wireless  USB innovation has equipped two-way to stream content from PC to widescreen TV.

Based released on Saturday (04/30/2011), WAVI (Wireless Audio Video Interaction) is offered in a package with a pair of devices that bridge the gap between the working space with family room.

With this, activities such as watching movies, playing the latest PC games, access to social networking or even shop online, everything can be done on a large screen TV while sitting comfortably on the sofa.

From the technical side, WAVI HDMI streaming transceiver kit consists of two input and two-way streaming. Unlike other wireless HDMI devices, allowing users to set content WAVI PC from the living room using a wireless keyboard and mouse, thanks to the support of Wireless USB. WAVI operates at a frequency of 5GHz and provide coverage to about 25 meters.

In addition, the extend mode, users can continue working in front of a PC while displaying the multimedia content to the TV in the living room, so as to maximize the use of PCs at home, just with a PC to work at once to bring the experience home entertainment in the living room.

Quite Easy Installation Process
WAVI instalasai process very easy. simply connect the HDMI connection on each unit. Connect the transmitter to the PC and the receiver to the TV to wireless entertainment with HDMI connections. Anything that can be enjoyed on PCs can now be enjoyed on TV in the living room.

Starting from the streaming Blu-ray movies, play PC games, listen to music, connect with friends on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, or shop online, everything can be done while still sitting comfortably on the sofa.

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