Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prediction 4 New Features of Nintendo Wii 2

Nintendo Wii is ready to show off the latest generation in the event the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2011. Well,  about  what changes  will be embedded  in the console?

Slowly but surely eroded by turnover Wii PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360. Until the end of March 2011 Xbox 360 posted sales of 433 thousand units in the U.S., followed by the PS3 is 240 units, and the youngest Wii filled with 290 units.

This is expected because the Wii has not done a refresher on game systems. While Microsoft has introduced Kinect and Sony with the PlayStation Move loved enough.

Do not want to keep silence, and Nintendo was reportedly ready to upgrade the Wii with specifications and a system with a more interesting game. As predicted 4 new features quoted from Tomsguide, Tuesday (19/04/2011).

1. New controller
Latest generation of Wii is believed will have a new controller with a screen measuring 6 inches in it. The system still uses a motion sensor game like the previous, it's just a better level of responsiveness is claimed, even though the Move.

2. HD Support
The new console is rumored to be playing high resolution games like the Xbox 360 or any pesainganya PS3. It was increasingly strengthened with a new GPU is used, namely Ati RV700.

3. Third-party content
At this time the console is expected Nintento can embrace a variety of third-party vendors. With an increasingly diverse content expected game lovers 'heavyweight' can also be satisfied.

4. Integration with mobile content
Console games that can be integrated with mobile content is believed to have added value. Currently, some vendors already do that, like Microsoft with Xbox Live content in Windows 7 Phone or Sony who have started to 'close' to Android.

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