Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NSN Take Over Motorola Business Line

Plan for Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) to acquire one of Motorola's business lines  stay counting the days. thing was after direstuinya, plans takeover of the Chinese government.

NSN steps to annex the Motorola Solutions Inc.., Motorola's network equipment companies these were once confronted by Huawei. In fact, companies from China that could make legal steps to realize a form of resistance.

The reason, Huawei argued that this transaction is deemed to have violated the rules of intellectual property. However, the reason is not acceptable Huawei China Ministry of Commerce which in turn gives their blessing to move the corporation.

NSN spokesman, Riita Mard said, with the blessing of the already obtained this the action acquired by Nokia and Siemens joint venture is planned will be completed on 29 April.

Quoted from the Wall Street Journal, Tuesday (26/04/2011), Nokia Siemens Networks agreed price of USD 1.2 billion to woo Motorola Solution Corp.

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