Tuesday, April 19, 2011

iPhone 5 Start Produced September 2011

After certain to be using 8-megapixel camera sensor made ​​by Sony, Apple will start producing the iPhone 5 in mass in September  2011.

5 iPhone innards will be enhanced with processor SoC A5, with chips made ​​by Qualcomm's dual-mode compatible with GSM and CDMA networks.

As quoted from Apple Insider reports, on Tuesday (04/19/2011), the latest iPhone is reportedly going to have the same chip as the iPad 2. With the addition of antenna designs that exist between the Apple logo, it seems that Steve Jobs-led company that will fix the issue of an antenna on the previous product.

By 5 September it produced the iPhone, Apple will likely delay the launch of the latest iPod touch this year. All the news on a new form unfortunately unconfirmed rumors and Apple.

Regardless of that, Apple was rumored iPhone production plans in the first 6 in the middle of 2012. This news seems to grow too fast. Given the competition is very tight touch screen mobile phone, it seems Apple should make the iPhone truly special.

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