Friday, April 22, 2011

AverTV Volar Go Product Review
AVerTV Volar GO

Many features are aimed to cater to consumers’ recreational needs when using this omnipotent AVerTV Volar GO to enjoy worldwide analog TV

(PAL/SECAM/NTSC) and FM radio broadcasting programs with worldwide TV stereo sound support. Thanks for the latest AVerMedia software program and licensed MCE software encoder, which highlights the attractiveness of this product to be capable of supporting real-time H.264 recording format up to resolution of 320X240 iPod/PSP Video format recording and to be run on XP / Vista MCE platforms. Now, the AVerTV Volar GO leads you into a pleasant TV viewing world.

Watching TV on PC is a joy because the AVerTV Volar GO comes with an ease-of-use remote control, allowing users to take more complete control over their TV viewing entertainment. Moreover, it will enrich your user experience with the included S-Video / Composite 2 in 1 cable which can connect your laptop with DVD/VHS player, camcorder, or game console. This complete but cost-effective package provides the ultimate in flexibility to meet your multimedia needs. With just one USB connection; users can experience PC-TV entertainment simply, on any laptop or desktop computer whenever they want, wherever they like.

For Real-Time H.264 Recording

Pentium Mobile 2.0 GHz or Dual-Core 1.6GHz or equivalent

Pentium 4 3.0Ghz ( Hyper-Threading ) or equivalent

Secret Profile
What is the Interface?

What can it receive?

Worldwide Analog TV, FM,

S-Video, Composite (RCA)

Where can it work?*
- USB 2.0 Port
- Pentium Mobile 2.0GHz
- Pentium 4 3.0GHz (Hyper-Threading)
- AMD AthlonXP 3000+
- 512 MB RAM or above
- VGA card supporting DirectX 9.0c or above
- Sound Card
- Windows XP / XP MCE / Vista / Vista MCE

What does it come with?
- Quick Installation Guide
- Installation CD
- FM Radio Antenna
- Remote Control
- S-Video / Composite 2 in 1 cable

Features of AverTV 6

1. Control Panel - IntuitiveUI with All Functions on it

2. 16-Channel Preview - Showing Programs from 16 channels in the same screen

3. Time Shift - You'll never miss the key part

4. Picture-in-Picture Display - Enjoying live TV and the recirded video at the same time

5. Recording Video in H.264 Format - Watching the show on your iPod and PSP


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