Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apple Wins Wireless Patent Activation

Apple wins patent on their product activation via wireless. With this, the new iPhone owners will probably use three SIM card activation by different operators. Since its first activation can be done via WiFi.

Perhaps this does not sound special for Indonesian consumers, who are familiar bergonta phones and buy phone is not in the service package. But in countries like the United States outside of the iPhone was sold by the bond package carrier.

With these patents, it was clear the operator will have little control over the activation process of Apple products in the future. The reason is very clear that users can perform more than one activation on their iPhone.

Actually, Apple's goal won patents this is easier for users iPhone or iPad who often travel abroad. This method will facilitate those who have regular changing SIM cards, according to the operator in each country.

Well, the question is why Apple is so keen to win the patent, which makes 'sad' operators? As quoted from phonearena, Thursday (21/04/2011), manufacturing giants like Apple actually prefer to keep the potential for extraordinary contract with the operator, when the 'key' is in the hands of Apple.

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