Sunday, April 24, 2011

Apple Preceding Google launches Music Cloud
Apple has completed its work in online music  storage  service. Reportedly, the service is deliberately  launched  ahead of  Google's  hard efforts in providing similar services, it seems still have to wait for time.

Because the character of the cloud, Apple's iTunes allows consumers to store songs on a remote server, and access them from anywhere as long as they are connected to the Internet.

But sources who declined to be named, said Apple is still yet to sign licensing agreements with record companies. Apple also has not told his partner, when the service is introduced. has it first launched its music service cloud. The new service was launched in early April this soon steal the show, considering that Amazon is actually known as an online retailer fairly brave to enter the realm that has never entered.

Quoted by Reuters on Sunday (24/04/2011), Apple, Google and Amazon seems now competing hard to be able to master this new digital media platforms.

Google itself previously rumored to be launching a special music service as an extra feature on the Android mobile operating system.

Another source said, Google had wanted to launch a music service similar to iTunes with subscription method. Internet giant is reportedly continue discussions with a number of leading record companies like Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI Group.

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